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How many materials are there for insulation boards

Time:2023-07-03 17:01:25

Insulation boards are used to enhance insulation and insulation effects. Many users want to install them, but they don't know how to choose them because they don't have enough knowledge. How many materials are there for insulation boards? Let's take a look together.

How many materials are there for insulation boards

1. XPS insulation board

This material uses polystyrene resin as the main raw material. During the production process, polymer and catalyst are added, and finally, the rigid foam plastic plate is formed by extrusion. Due to the large number of enclosed honeycomb structures and low thermal conductivity inside, it has excellent insulation and thermal insulation effects.

2. Polyurethane insulation board

This material is mainly made of polyurethane, with a wide range of specifications and varieties. It has a large number of internal gaps and is evenly distributed, which can not only achieve good insulation and insulation effects, but also effectively reduce the occupied space and increase the usage space in the room under the same insulation requirements.

3. EPS insulation board

The board is based on polystyrene foam board, which continues the advantages of the board, but also makes up for the shortcomings. For example, the traditional EPS foam board has the advantages of light texture, small thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation effect. EPS insulation board also continues these advantages. The original EPS foam board is flammable and not suitable for many spaces. The addition of flame retardant materials to EPS insulation board can well overcome the flammable shortcomings.

4. Rock wool insulation board

The fire resistance rating of the board can reach Class A, which is a non combustible material. However, due to the easy absorption of moisture and moisture, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the board is poor, and the insulation effect is also poor, and the installation difficulty is also relatively high.

5. Phenolic insulation board

The fire resistance performance of the board itself is very excellent, and it can also play a good insulation effect, and the price is moderate and economical. However, due to its high brittleness, it is easy to be damaged, making construction more difficult.

6. Integrated insulation and decoration board

The board is made of insulation and decoration materials, sealing materials, bonding materials, etc. The insulation material can be cotton rock board, extruded board, or polyurethane board, so the insulation effect is good. In addition, the surface is decorated with natural stone, and the decoration effect is good.

7. STP insulation board

The board is made of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, which has excellent acid and alkali resistance. However, due to the very smooth surface, there may be weak bonding when bonding with the wall. In addition, the board itself is vacuum, so unique anchoring technology must be used.

8. Nano insulation board

Made of high-quality nanomaterials with low thermal conductivity and a safe and environmentally friendly green material, it has a long service life and high compressive strength, making it suitable not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use.

Editor's summary: That's all for the introduction of several materials for insulation boards above, hoping to be helpful to you. There are many types of insulation materials, and there are significant differences in their performance indicators among different types of insulation materials. Therefore, when choosing insulation materials, owners must make decisions based on actual needs.